What to do?

Today I woke up.  That was the first problem.  Or so I thought.  You see I had forgotten who woke me up and was feeling selfish.  I was thinking of how I was tired an dnot about my precious children that needed their mommy.  I got breakfast in a huff and then when it was over cleaned up.  Putting my kids to play I began my load a day to keep the chaos away!  I began to pray.  Starting with asking the Lord to forgive my selfish attitude.  I realized that it was He that woke me this morning and gave me this day to serve Him and my family.  After a while I was feeling much better and much more joyful.  I then decided I needed a project!  I decided it was time to clean out the laundry closet and get it in order.  Long it had been the place to dump things that we didn't know what to do with.  (The doors closed after all and no one would see the chaos!  I found some boxes and inspired by pinterest covered the front of the them with matching scrap book paper!  Found an unused basket to keep my laundry needs.  Threw out a ton of stuff (after all if I didn't know what to do with it why was I keeping it!).  Found homes for all the tools and other things that didn't belong in the laundry room.  And then doodled on the walls!  That was my favorite part.  The whole time I realized how quickly our lives can become like the laundry closet.  We throw things in there, unnecessary things that clutter our lives.  We put things that don't belong in there.  We need to clean out our lives every day.  Throw away clutter and trash with the Lord's help.  We need to think "Do all to glory of God" every morning, mid-morning, afternoon, mid-afternoon, evening...etc!  You get the point.  We need to put everything in one big box for the Lord to have.  Put all our burdens, problems, cares, and joys in the box and give it to the Lord.  Let Him keep our hearts clean.  Because after all we belong to God, we were bought with a price, and we were made to glorify Him! 
The finished project!
The paper really does make the diaper boxes look much better!


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