Monday, November 15, 2010

Harder to be won...

As a speech teacher I was always on the look out for verse that were about our words. Today in my devotions I found a great one. I had to really think about it. Not because it was hard to understand, on contrary it was a very simple verse. I had to think about it because I was searching my heart to see if I had fallen prey to this. Proverbs 18:19a "A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city" Have I offended someone lately?? Am I careful what I say to other people? Do I speak before I think? Do I say things that are better left unsaid? Do I consider other peoples feelings before I vent mine?
What a thought provoking verse. I know that we need to be careful what we say, but if we offend someone by our speech (or actions) they are "harder to be won than a strong city." My speech could turn someone from church, from God, from knowing Jesus as their Savior. Makes me take a closer look to my "conversation" as Paul says. A word meaning more than just what I am saying with my lips. What am I conversing?
I know as a Christian sometimes I practice too much my liberty that comes with being saved. Maybe I should focus more on what other people are seeing. I may not be saying anything "wrong" but should I be saying it.
I think of a joke that people in the south often use. "Bless their heart!" We Northerners tend to just say it like it is, but here in the south they make put downs sound so positive. "She is so ugly, bless her little heart," or "He can't sing at all, bless his heart." As if blessing his heart makes it better. I am guilty of this behavior. Only I haven't started saying bless his heart.
Another thought is that of our opinions. Everyone has an opinion. I love that many people think that their opinions are the only things that matter. Of course many of them would claim "Freedom of Speech." However, I am sure that is not what Jesus taught. I need to be careful about telling people my opinions. My opinions are not the end all. They don't always matter. And sometimes it is better to just keep them to myself. I know I have offended and been offended by opinions.
I am sure we have all been on both ends of this verse. I know I have. What am I doing to change that??
I know that this verse really made me think. It made me reconsider my motives for speech. I hope it has also provoked you to think about your speech and especially your "conversations."

Friday, November 12, 2010

Near Disaster

Tonight I was suddenly thankful for my family and my home! Teddy set the trash in my master bathroom on fire (and tried to sneak out of the bathroom). Thankfully I saw the smoke and got the kids out of the house. I filled a bucket of water threw it and ran while calling 911. I wasn't sure if I got it all out and I thought of all the pictures and things and clothes that I have in the house that would be greatly missed if I were to loose it all. However, I realized while thinking that the things I would really miss the most were standing with no socks on the cold driveway waiting for the fire truck.
I was grateful for our neighbors who kindly took the kids while I surveyed the damage. They gave us some dinner. They were just truly what the Bible says is a good neighbor. I was grateful for cell phones (although Tommy couldn't hear his above the pep band for a while). I am thankful for the kind fireman and woman that came and made sure everything was safe and helped get the smoke out of the house.
I am thankful that the Lord had it in His plan to keep my children and home safe and relatively safe from damage.

Going "home"

Going to Michigan is one of my favorite things and I am always very excited when it gets close to a trip. This time is no exception!! The difference is that I am starting to see it through my kids eyes. For me it was always returning home. For them, it's not home, but it is Nana and Papa and cousins (which they don't have here in Georgia with no relatives nearby). I think in some ways they are more excited. I can't wait to blog about our trip and the kids response. It is really fun to see life through their eyes!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Growing kids!!!!!

Wanted to show how Andy is growing! He is almost the same size as Danenn. Poor little girl!! LOL!!! I need to keep taking these pictures! Eventually though I should have them standing!

Finding my ways!

I am learning the secrets to really saving money. This week was my best trip! I was so excited to put away my 150.00 of groceries and thought of the 100.00 that I would have spent if I hadn't learned the art of couponing!! Can you believe that! 100.00!!! If I hadn't used coupons we would have much less in our fridge and pantry! But now I have 10 boxes of pasta! Boxes and boxes of food and tons of stuff in the freezer!! I am so blessed. God definitely used Stephanie Mcabe to teach others to use their money in wiser ways!
My newest learn is that I can't be getting coupons on the way out the door. I have to get them ready the day before. That way I am not rushing to get them in order. I tend to forget them or say nevermind when I am rushed! I also felt much more in control while at the store when I had them ready the night before! I am so glad to have sites like to help with the match ups! That definitely saves me a lot of time.
If you are trying to get into couponing. Check out that site! Figure out if there is local web site that does grocery store match-ups and keep at it!! I am loving it!!!! Of course sense only my family and a few friends are reading this. I just felt inspired to write down my learning process. Maybe someone will stumble along my blog and this will help them!!!