Monday, September 8, 2014

Teddy Said

Last night on the way home we were talking about the message that had been preached.  It was excellent.  I asked Teddy what he thought and he said, "It was good!" Then he said,

"When I am a preacher and preach, I am going to use this illustration.  We are like cats stuck up a tree, and Jesus is like a fire fighter. The tree is like sin.  We are stuck in sin and Jesus is there with his ladder to help us down, but sometimes we are afraid to get on the ladder."

I don't know about you, but I was very impressed.  And it got me thinking.  He is right.  Sometimes we get stuck up "sin trees" and we are scared to come down.  Jesus is always there to offer the escape, but we don't always reach out to Him. Sometimes we cling to our sin because of the comfort we have from it.  Like the sin of worry.  I'm a worrier.  I have to pray a lot when worry starts to strangle me.  It is like I can't let it go, because then I know I am not in control.  Although, I was never in control to begin with.  Jesus is better than a fire fighter, He waits patiently for me.  He doesn't try to rip me from my limb, He just points me to the ladder, and the Holy Spirit nudges me down the ladder.  He places my feet on solid ground.  He helps me to succeed.  To overcome the sin.

For those lost, they don't see Christ for who He is.  Just like a scared cat that doesn't know the fireman.  They are unsure if what He is offering is really help.  They don't realize they can cling to Him to help them. 

I love this illustration.  I am now going to be reminded of Jesus rescuing me every time I hear or see a fire truck.  Which, since my house is right down the road from the fire station, happens a lot!

Trust the "fireman!" He can rescue you and help you have victory over sin!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Empty Pages

All those ideas over the past few months that I have been holding on to because my computer was broken and life has been crazy, just flew out the window.  All those illustrations of how God had been growing me, now seem to be disappeared.  Why is it when you don't have a computer to write them, they come so easily, but when I try to write them... all I get is........(crickets)

So, even though it isn't much now. It will come again. Computer is up again.  And I am ready!

God is everywhere. I can never learn enough. I can pray and wait.

Hope you're ready.....