Monday, September 30, 2013

Tune in for a Commercial Break!

I hate commercials, especially if I am really enjoying a show. The characters have developed and you really want to know what is going to happen. You are engrossed in the events on the TV when all the sudden they are stopped to show 90 seconds of advertisement. Although 90 seconds is such a short amount of time, it feels like forever when you want to know what is going to happen next.
My life is sometimes like that. I feel like events are happening and then it is as if God puts in a commercial break. Sometimes it is a short one that goes right to the next events in life, and other times it seems to be such a long break. I am in a break right now. God has called my husband to the ministry, and we know that will mean changes for us. As we pray for God to lead us, we realize that we are on a commercial break. We are waiting to see what happens next.

I wonder if those forty years in the wilderness were like that for Joshua. He knew that he was going to go into the promise land, but it was as if they were on a commercial break. It was not a pause, because things were still happening. Life does not get put on pause, it keeps going. There were still things to do, battles to fight, and laws to learn. Life keeps going. What a long commercial break for him.
It’s like that for me. Although I know God has something awesome for our family, we wait. The best part of these commercial breaks is that God is teaching us, not selling us something we don’t need or want! He is teaching me to depend on Him. I am sure Joshua learned this while wandering in the wilderness. He saw God’s hand work as the fought and won battles and he learned how faithful God was. Although my battles are not physical battles of weapons and warfare, they are battles to keep my family in line with God’s word, and to protect them from worldly influence. They are battles to keep my heart focused on God, and spread His word to others.
I guess as I sit here during the commercial break of life, I can keep on praising! Keep on working to glorify my Father that has a bigger plan for me than I can even imagine!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Andy's new song!

I don't know about you, but I am continually learning something. It could be a simple trick in the kitchen, to a new way to deal with my very different children. Today I learned how important it is to take time to let your three year old teach you a song even if you are busy. I was busy cleaning the house, getting dinner ready, and keeping Lyla happy. All the while Andy was helping me make pumpkin bread to enjoy after dinner. He asked if we could sing a song he would teach me. At first, I wanted to just finish with all the things I had going on and didn't want to bother with singing. Then I paused and realized I needed to take time for my little guy. I said, "Why don't you sing it to me." He then asked if we were going to eat all the pumpkin bread. I said, "I don't know. Why?" He said, "Because of the song I want to sing." He then began to sing a song he had made up. "Be kind to your neighbors and friends. Jesus likes it. Be kind to your neighbors and your friends." I was so proud of him. I learned that he has a big huge heart and wanted to take some bread to one of our neighbors. So we poured some of the mixture into a small loaf pan for one of our neighbors down the street. My heart was bursting with pride at my adorable little man. I am glad I let him teach me that little song and didn't just hush him so that I could keep working and get things done. Jesus loves the little children of the world, and with their tender little hearts we can teach them just how much he does.