My kids!!

I think it is so funny how very different each child is.  Sometimes they show just how different they are by simple things, like tonight.  My high energy, first born is often fearful of new or strange things, yet my youngest is quite fearless and thinks most things are jokes.  Tonight I was watering some grass seed we had laid down in our back yard.  Teddy was standing near, so as all good mothers would, I splashed him with the hose.  I thought it would be funny and nice after the long warm day.  He did not.  He cried and ran inside.  Of course, I apologized and we are better.  In extreme contrast, our youngest, when splashed a little later laughed ran back then ran towards me for another splashing!  Neither child was wrong in their reaction.  Teddy was a little startled by the water and his response was to get away.  Andy was also startled by the water and he wanted more laughs.  The whole time Danenn stood behind the screen watching and laughing!  She thought it was fun, but did not want to be wet!  (Such a girl!)
We are all so uniquely made by God.  Each given strengths and weaknesses.  In future we will continue to work on Teddy's bravery, all the while neutering his sensitivity.  Men can be sensitive without loosing masculinity.  We will continue to work on Andrew to keep up his sense of humor.  It is a blessing that he can laugh at himself, and I hope he never looses that ability.  And Danenn, well we will keep encouraging her to help out.  It was her that let Teddy in the screen door that can be a little tricky specially when you are in a hurry!!! 

As a parent I am seeing more and more the joy of finding out my children's personalities and teaching them how to grow their strengths and weaknesses.  May the Lord continue to help me develop my children to be able to one day serve Him fully!


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