Wednesday, June 19, 2013


God is always teaching me to trust in Him. He has been working on my heart lately about praying instead worrying! It is so awesome that the more I just talk to Him through out the day, the easier it is to pray. I am thankful today for the ability to talk to my loving Savior.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Little Encouragment!

Isn't is so amazing how God gives us just what we need when we need it. Sometimes we don't even know we need it! God uses everything around us to supply those needs. From His word, to people around us, and even things can capture our attention and get us to focus on Him.
Today a dear cousin of mine came to visit with three of her children. Her words of encouragement to this, worn out mom of four young kids, were so needed. She has six children. Two in college, one graduated this year, one next year, and two younger. (The youngest is in fifth grade I believe.) She remembers what it is like to be up at night nursing a baby, to feel like you are chasing small children all day, and to have your house in a constant state of needing a good cleaning!! (Do any of you feel that way right now, cause I do!) She reminded me that God was with me and would help me through it. And even more important she took my focus off those things and onto God. We sat and talked about teaching our children to love God and want a relationship with Him. About focusing more on becoming what Jesus wants us to be, and less on us ourselves.
Another encouraging moment was the ability to sit and talk to her. Her three younger children came, too. They played with my kiddos. Her daughter held and played with Lyla (until Lyla's nap time!), and her youngest played with the boys. He even helped Andy wash his hands after he went potty!! (LOVE!!!) They sat with the kids at lunch and helped them there, so she and I could sit on the couch and talk. Something the rarely happens!
After she left a though occurred to me. I have had that thought before, but this time I decided to do something about it. I realize that we go through "seasons" in our lives. For moms like me it feels like before kids, the start of kids, the kids growing up, the kids moving out, the kids moving back in, and after kids. (The latter part is purely observation.) I realize that some things I would like to do, I can't. And that is okay, but I am making a list now of things I want to do during a different season. For example, I want to be an encouragement some day to another mom in the thick of young kids. I want to bring her a gift of a book about Jesus to read. I want to sit and talk with her and make her day a little brighter. I want to bring lunch so she doesn't have to cook...(who doesn't want that at any season!!!). I also, have thought of other things that I could do now and at different times to minister to those around me.
Isn't that what Jesus did. He was constantly doing things for other people. He thought of others before he took care of himself. Isn't that what He did at the well when the Bible says he was tired so he sat down at the well, and a Samaritan woman came. He thought of her needs. He could have sat there and said nothing. I know there are times when I am tired that I don't want to do anything! But he ministered to her. So now I am making a list. I am checking off things that I can do now, in this season, and waiting on those things that will be in another season. I am thinking of the many blessings God has given to me, and how I can share those with other people.
God uses everything around me to encourage and bless me, so I need to follow His example. How can I be a blessing to someone today, tomorrow, and even in another season of life. Maybe I need to get off the computer and be a blessing to my hubby!!