Friday, March 30, 2012

Fun with Plants!!

Welcome!  At least that is what the sign on my door said.  Until today I never thought my house seemed welcoming!  I am changing that though.  And the project began with a trip to Home Depot! 

We started by setting up three of our veggie and herbs planters.  We are going to do two more double planters for our tomatoes and potatoes!
To the left are the herbs!! YUM!

And then tragedy hit!  Andy, my asthmatic, started wheezing and then grunting then I realized he could no longer enjoy the sunshine and hose!  After a short trip to the Doctor we realized that he was a lot worse than we thought.  I felt like a terrible parent.  I am new to the asthma hopefully I will start understanding more about it as I read up!  I then had to banish the poor baby to the indoor arena of our home.  He enjoyed watching the progress and then decided that toys were better than watching.  Don't feel too sorry for him!  He totally had fun playing in the play kitchen and with his trains!
The project continued outdoors.  My husband built me two planter boxes in front of the house!  One to include the beautiful Gardenia bush beside the walkway that always seemed so lonely!

Danenn helped me plant some
Inpatients  and


Don't they look so nice!!!!!!

It changed the whole aesthetic of the house! I think it is much more welcoming as the sign says! 

Earlier...the the kids decorated the driveway...which always makes a home more welcoming!  Thought I'd share their work.

These are the veggies waiting to be planted...tomorrow! (it is another day after all!!)

And while you are looking at my plants, say a prayer for my poor Azalea. I can't get it to bloom. If anyone has some suggestions I am totally open to any help I can get!!!!! My grandmother told me to put coffee grounds on it so I have been doing that. After two years it is still puny and no flowers!  I have hope for the poor plant, but not sure my hope will help it survive! 
So seriously...if you know anything, please share!
Well, that was our fun with plants, and dirt, and wood, and asthma...

Hope you enjoyed my fun post!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My kids!!

I think it is so funny how very different each child is.  Sometimes they show just how different they are by simple things, like tonight.  My high energy, first born is often fearful of new or strange things, yet my youngest is quite fearless and thinks most things are jokes.  Tonight I was watering some grass seed we had laid down in our back yard.  Teddy was standing near, so as all good mothers would, I splashed him with the hose.  I thought it would be funny and nice after the long warm day.  He did not.  He cried and ran inside.  Of course, I apologized and we are better.  In extreme contrast, our youngest, when splashed a little later laughed ran back then ran towards me for another splashing!  Neither child was wrong in their reaction.  Teddy was a little startled by the water and his response was to get away.  Andy was also startled by the water and he wanted more laughs.  The whole time Danenn stood behind the screen watching and laughing!  She thought it was fun, but did not want to be wet!  (Such a girl!)
We are all so uniquely made by God.  Each given strengths and weaknesses.  In future we will continue to work on Teddy's bravery, all the while neutering his sensitivity.  Men can be sensitive without loosing masculinity.  We will continue to work on Andrew to keep up his sense of humor.  It is a blessing that he can laugh at himself, and I hope he never looses that ability.  And Danenn, well we will keep encouraging her to help out.  It was her that let Teddy in the screen door that can be a little tricky specially when you are in a hurry!!! 

As a parent I am seeing more and more the joy of finding out my children's personalities and teaching them how to grow their strengths and weaknesses.  May the Lord continue to help me develop my children to be able to one day serve Him fully!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dealing With Sin

From focus on the family web site
This has been on my heart lately.  I have been realizing that I am not viewing sin as I should.  As a Christian, I am not riding myself of sin as quickly as I should, and as a mom, I am not dealing with sin in my children's hearts the way I ought.  My view of sin should be the same as God's view of it.  And God HATES sin.  I have realized that my own sin I am confessing and asking God to help me in areas I struggle, but I am not hating the sin as God does.  And in some cases I continue to struggle because my view of sin is not God's view of it.  In my children's life, I am realizing, that I categorize sin.  Some sin is worse than other sin.  For example, my son does not clean his room when I ask, verses my son lies about something.  Both are sin.  But I am quick to punish the lying, and slow to punish the disobedience.  Yes, as parents I think we need to find a punishment that fits the crime.  Not all "crimes" are worthy or spankings, but all "crimes" are worthy of a punishment.  
Our children learn from us that sin is sin.  That God hates sin.  And that all sin comes with a penalty.  When I overlook some sin that my child has done, in essence I am saying that this sin is not that big of a deal.  It's okay.  I am not saying that...but my actions are.  I have been very convicted about addressing the heart of the matter more frequently.  When my son (or daughter) doesn't obey when asked, they need to understand that it is a sin.  That God hates it, and mommy hates it.  Which means I need to start hating my own sin.  Ouch.    

I have been reading Deuteronomy for my daily Bible reading.  Through it I get a glimpse as to how God views sin.  In Deuteronomy 13:6, 8-9 The Bible says, "If thy bother, the son of they mother, or thy son, or thy daughter, or the wife of thy bosom, or thy friend, which is as thine own soul, entice thee secretly, saying, Let us go and serve other gods, which thou hast not known, thou nor thy fathers; 8. Thou shalt not consent unto him, nor hearken unto him; neither shall thine eye pity him, neither shalt thou spare, neither shalt thou conceal him; 9. But thou shalt surely kill him;"  Uh, wow!  God doesn't play around with having other God's before him.  What I learned from this passage is that God doesn't play lightly with sin.  He doesn't cover it up, ignore it, or excuse it.  He calls it what it is...sin.  I don't think that we, under grace, should stone our children for sinning.  We should, however, teach them how God thinks of sin.  When we sin, we are putting something else in place of God.  Most of the time it is our self.  We become selfish and forget our place.  We desire our own needs above what God wants for us.  It is the same in our children.  
Picture credit
So, how do I, as a parent, teach my children to hate sin.  First, I must learn how God views sin.  I must hate it in my own life.  I must recognize sin and confess it right away.  I must flee from it.  When myself gets in the way of God, I must realize that I am nothing without God.  I must see it for what it is, sin.  The same sin that put Jesus on the cross.  Then, I must realize that every disobedience of my children, every disrespectful attitude, every lie is sin.  And I must help them to understand what God says and thinks of it.  I have started this by teaching my children verses about these issues.  But if I love them, I will teach them to hate it as God does.  I must understand that until my children learn what sin is, they can never understand what forgiveness is.  
As I say these things, I don't want you to think that I never get after my children.  I never correct them.  That is far from the truth.  I am just realizing that in my correction, I don't always point them to their heart.  What they did is not just disobey mommy, but they disobeyed God.  With the big offenses I always talk about what God says about it, and we pray.  But the little offenses, that don't deserve a spanking, I often just brush off.  We tell them what they did is wrong and give them their time-out or other deemed punishment, but forget to teach them to hate what they did.  Taking the time to teach them now, while they are young, what God thinks of sin is better than realizing that it is too late for you to teach them.  
Now that I have written this, I am challenged even more to do it.  No more can I brush off the little selfishness that I see in me or my children.  I need to make sure to deal with them quickly and with the right attitude.  How else will we view sin as God does.  

 "It is impossible for a man to be freed from the habit of sin before he hates it, just as it is impossible to receive forgiveness before confessing his trespasses." –Ignatius