Two stone!!!

Okay for those that know me, know cleaning is not my strong point.  And I am sure all the wisdom I share somebody will probably think...duh!  But for me it was a great day, and I felt very successful!  My new rule is never leave a room empty handed.  It was great today.  Every time I took care of something to a different room I grabbed something to take care of from that room then went on.  For example...I was doing the laundry (which is in my kitchen) and as I was leaving the laundry area I picked up all of Tommy and Andy's shoes on the floor and took care of them...instead of walking past them.  This got me to Andy's room where I needed to get dirty clothes from any way! So instead of what I normally would do, which is walk past the shoes on my mission to get the dirty clothes to put into the washing machine, I "killed two birds with one stone!"  (Not that I am all about killing birds.  I didn't coin that phrase after all.)
I am sure some other cleanly, organized, and orderly person has already come up with this idea, but I was very proud that I came up with it today!  I am always looking for ways to become better and more purposeful at cleaning and organizing.  I am sure you all will roll your eyes...but, oh, well!!!!

Proverbs 31: 27 "She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness." Which means I better get off here (again) and get back to work!!!


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