Counting My Blessings

God really is so good to me.  Even though a lot of times I forget!  Today was one of those days.  The day when the daily grind and the tasks get to you.  I started focusing on the here and now of life.  The small stuff was getting to me.  Then I started thinking about things that I am blessed with.  It is definitely one of those things that gets me excited and thankful to my Savior!  I decided to make a list!!
1. My Salvation--it is definitely the most important blessing that I have!
2. My hubby (I can't say that enough)
3-5. My three beautiful children!! (they each bless me in their own unique way)
6. My home
7. Godly friends that encourage me!
8. Good health
9. Freedom to post about God!
10. Freedom to worship God!
11. A wonderful Church family
12. Freedom to own a Bible
13. A wonderful Savior
14. The peace that comes with salvation
15. The joy God gives me
16. A godly heritage
17. Teddy's salvation
18. The opportunity to stay home with my children
19. The opportunity to share the gospel (although I don't use it nearly enough...I am working on it!)
20. Food in my pantry, fridge, garage!!!
21. Personal needs are met!
22. The amazing gift of prayer (which I don't use as much as I should...working on that, too!)
23. Ability to use my gifts to serve the Lord
24. Ability to teach Puggles on Wednesday night (they are sooo cute!)
25. The Christian school Teddy gets to attend (and Danenn next year)
26. The Christian school Tommy gets to work for
27. An encouraging Pastor's wife!
28. My in-laws!!!  (What a blessing they are!)
29. The U S of A!!!!!!!!!
And the list could keep going...but I really need to get off the computer and finish cleaning!!!!
Wow!  Next time you feel discouraged or down about something, take time to make a list!  It is always so wonderful to see all the ways God blesses you!!!!  And this is not even nearly complete!!!!


  1. I love your list! Thanks for the reminder that an attitude of gratitude is always then bitterness... I needed that lesson today.

    1. I needed the verses you shared on your blog! Love that Psalm! It is was so encouraging!

  2. Amen! Praise the Lord for good things in our lives. Sounds like you are one happy momma!

    1. Praise the Lord, is right! He definitely helped me with my attitude! Thanks for the comment!


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