A day for sun

It is weird to think on a day that my kids and I are out enjoying the beautiful sunshine and playing in green grass, my Northern family is preparing for a winter snow storm to add to the snow already on the ground. But it is true. That is what happens only a few hundred miles away!!

 How great a day it was. To start off, we had Green eggs to celebrate the life of a great mind and amazing writer, Dr. Suess. Danenn enjoyed being able to participate with the Kindergarten class. I enjoyed the look on the faces of the kids as they experienced green eggs and ham. Some of them dug in, and a few of them wouldn't even try the funny looking eggs (which was scrambled eggs and green food dye)!! LOL!! They enjoyed the book and a movie.

Then we went to the park. We played and ate a picnic lunch! I feel like the summer is about to begin, and yet winter hasn't ended. Our play group sometimes is a bit larger, but I wanted to share a picture of our group! What fun. When we go out together we look like a day care. My friend Jenna (on the end) has two kids and two that she watches. Then there is me and my two. Then at the other end is my friend Michelle with her little girl and one of the two she watches. (her niece isn't there!) Quite the group.
Going to the park is a great way to spend time with my children. It is such a wonderful experience to experience my children. To see them play and enjoy life. To see them interact with each other and other friends. It was this time to follow them around and see through their eyes what is so special and fun.

Andy, Carson, and Lexi!
Danenn and Madison!
 Yep...it was a good day!


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