My world!

The other night all five of us lay giggling on Danenn's bed.  How fun!  It was one of those moments that you realize just how blessed you are and how wonderful your children are.  Danenn told knock knock jokes that don't make sense, but we laugh anyway.  Andy tried his hand at it.  Teddy gave Tommy zerberts (or raspberries what ever you call them)!  I just laughed and basked in the joy of my wonderful family.  I am thankful to the Lord for them and the joy they bring in my life. 
My world!!
Love this one...Danenn covering her face, Teddy trying to figure out what is going on, and Andy is crying!!


  1. I love it!! How much did you threaten everyone to get the first picture? The second is more realistic...LOL!!!! Seriously, I would frame the first one.

    1. The first was easy and the second happened when I tried to take more awesome shots... I think cause we were already all laying on the bed and laughing and playing when I put the camera up and said look up everyone did. It came out so well I tried to take more...that's when it fell apart!


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