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Heart Check

From a very early age we are told time and time again to follow our heart. Disney princess teach us that we will get the desires of our heart. That some day our prince will come, or our dreams will come true. That we can be the hero of our own stories. The more I ponder and pray about that; the more I have seen the Lord working in my life to know that following my heart is a big mistake. How can I become nobody, if I am following my own heart. I need a heart check.

I've just finished reading through Judges as part of my Bible reading plan. Over and over the Bible says that the Israelites "did what was right in their own eye." Over and over. At first, Judgy Mc Megan thought, what is wrong with these people. Come on! All that God did for them, and yet they continue to turn away and do their own thing. In fact, in the last chapter of the book of Judges the Lord helps the Israelites win a battle and the last verse goes on to say after the victory, "Everyone did what was …

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