Friday, March 30, 2012

Fun with Plants!!

Welcome!  At least that is what the sign on my door said.  Until today I never thought my house seemed welcoming!  I am changing that though.  And the project began with a trip to Home Depot! 

We started by setting up three of our veggie and herbs planters.  We are going to do two more double planters for our tomatoes and potatoes!
To the left are the herbs!! YUM!

And then tragedy hit!  Andy, my asthmatic, started wheezing and then grunting then I realized he could no longer enjoy the sunshine and hose!  After a short trip to the Doctor we realized that he was a lot worse than we thought.  I felt like a terrible parent.  I am new to the asthma hopefully I will start understanding more about it as I read up!  I then had to banish the poor baby to the indoor arena of our home.  He enjoyed watching the progress and then decided that toys were better than watching.  Don't feel too sorry for him!  He totally had fun playing in the play kitchen and with his trains!
The project continued outdoors.  My husband built me two planter boxes in front of the house!  One to include the beautiful Gardenia bush beside the walkway that always seemed so lonely!

Danenn helped me plant some
Inpatients  and


Don't they look so nice!!!!!!

It changed the whole aesthetic of the house! I think it is much more welcoming as the sign says! 

Earlier...the the kids decorated the driveway...which always makes a home more welcoming!  Thought I'd share their work.

These are the veggies waiting to be planted...tomorrow! (it is another day after all!!)

And while you are looking at my plants, say a prayer for my poor Azalea. I can't get it to bloom. If anyone has some suggestions I am totally open to any help I can get!!!!! My grandmother told me to put coffee grounds on it so I have been doing that. After two years it is still puny and no flowers!  I have hope for the poor plant, but not sure my hope will help it survive! 
So seriously...if you know anything, please share!
Well, that was our fun with plants, and dirt, and wood, and asthma...

Hope you enjoyed my fun post!


  1. I totally sympathize with the asthma thing. I hope it's not a regular thing for you!

    1. I am beginning to think that my praying he will grow out of it is not going to happen. This weekend we kept him in except for an hour egg hunt at church and he had another attack after wards. GA is tough for asthmatics!

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