Friday, April 30, 2010

Play date with the Bonner Kids

Today the Bonner kids got to come over and play. Danenn, Christopher, and Teddy pulled out the trains and blocks and spread them over the living room. Lillianna and Andy "played" together, too! We had lots of fun. Later today we may go to a park and play with Stephanie Bittle, Raelynn, Brook, Larissa, Josh and maybe even Jenna and her two! LOTS of kids!!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wonder Woman or just plain busy

I've been studying a book called "Small Changes for a Better Life" by Elizabeth George. In the second chapter (which I've read so far four times because I need it a lot!) She talks about prioritizing our life! As I said before I have been trying to really study Proverbs 31 and this book poises a questions that I've been pondering. Was the Proverbs 31 woman a wonder woman, superhero, or was she just like all of us moms a busy woman! I think she was just busy, although I do wonder how she did it all??? It all boils down to priorities. She knew what she needed to get done to please the Lord and that is what she did. Elizabeth George breaks it down to three basic things: Put God first, Serve others, and then Take care of yourself. I have heard it First God, than others, than me! But how? That's what I asked. How do I practice what I know? Well, through this study I've learned some things that have helped me. I am in no way perfect and have not figured it all out, but daily I practice and daily I see changes.
First God. Well, we need to realize that everything we do ultimately is for God. E.George says, "Understanding that I am to do all things in Him and through Him and for Him and unto Him gives my every day and every act of my every day an upward focus." (p.24) Focusing on God in everything seems somewhat hard at first. How do I fold clothes for God. Well, we must realize that as a mom taking care of our house is what God desires of us. One way to focus on God is to make sure that every day we include Him in our life. We do this by reading our Bible, doing devotions, and praying. I even include singing (because I love to sing to Him and the Bible tells us to sing to Him). We must daily decide to do these things because the devil doesn't want us to and he will put things (busy things, good things) in our way so that we will loose our focus.
Second we need to serve others. Who are the others that we serve. Well, God, our husbands, our children, and then other people that we are friends with or just meet! E. George suggests that we plan out how we will do these things. I am not good at keeping planners, so although at first I attempted to do this I switched to making lists. Those are easier for me, but you do what works for you! Write each person you are to serve down and what you will do for them. It could be as simple as Husband: wash tee-shirts to elaborate as neighbor: fix dinner for them and have it there by 5:30pm. I don't know what it is that you want to do or need to do, but do it!! How do we get this all done. By prioritizing our days. Taking out things we don't need like TV and (guilty look) facebook!! Do something everyday to serve others.
The last thing is to take care of ourselves. Well, when I first studied this I thought, yea right! After all the other things I have to do to serve others, when will I have time to do that. Well then I figured out what it means. It doesn't mean to lay around "resting" while eating ice cream and watching a show on TV. It does mean exercising, eating right, and getting enough sleep. (I'm still working on the last thing due to the fact my 3month old doesn't seem to know how much sleep I need!! LOL!!) One thing we need to realize is that taking care of yourself is different from being selfish. E. George says, "Selfishness is self-indulgence, self-serving, and self-focus, which hinders our service to God and others. Tending to yourself, however, enhances and strengthens your service to God and others." (p. 26) We take care of ourselves so that we don't get burnt out and not have the strength to serve God and others!
So, do we need to be wonder woman to carry out all that God has for us. NO! If we did, none of us would succeed! We do however need to learn to live with priorities in place that help us to accomplish all that God has for us. We do everything EVERYTHING for the glory of God. Proverbs 31:30 says, "A woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised!" We can do it! And in the end the Bible tells us that God will praise us! What an awesome and aw inspiring thought! Just think that if we do it the way God wants us to and for Him, He will praise us. Makes me want to do some dishes (okay maybe I'm not jumping up and down to do them, but I have a better attitude anyway).

Money Saving recipe

So I learned how to freeze burritos! I have mentioned this on facebook, but a couple people had asked me what I did. Well here it is...
Whole wheat taco shells
Refried beans
White rice (not instant) made with most of the water replaced with salsa
cheese (I use monterry cause it melts so well)
Then I put beans, mexi rice, and cheese on the shells and roll!
To freeze I wrap them individually and put them in freezer bags! Just pull a couple out when needed and warm them in the microwave. Great for lunches or a quick dinner with some veggies!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I took a picture of the kids when Andy was first born--it's at the bottom of the blog--It shows their size. Then Tommy had them all looking out the window the other day and I couldn't help but take this one! I am definitly going to keep taking these pictures as they grow. I need another one of them on my bed! Enjoy!!!

sping concert sucess!

Well, it's finally over. For this year. The spring concert went off with great sucess. The choirs and bands did a beautiful job. I especially enjoyed a song that Tommy had the high school choir sing, "Beneath the Cross." The words were really powerful! Brought tears to my eyes! The bands have grown so much over the last seven years. I can't believe the difference. I need to get out the old video from our very first concert at the school just to remind myself. The elementary choir gave the audiance a laugh with their song "I bought me a cat" in fact one little child in the seats every time the choir said "my cat says fidlidee" would say, "no meow." Everyone laughed when the choir said, "I bought me a wife."
Pastor Campbell gave a wonderful closing devotions. It gave me a renewed zeel about sharing Christ and the Bible with my young children. He said that one way to be sure that they turn out well is to have them in God's word in the morning and in the evening.
I can't believe how AWSOME the set looked as you see in my previous posts.
(By the new at blogging that I didn't know I could put the pictures in one post! Oops!)

Appalachian Springtime set 2

Appalachian Springtime set

I Am With the Band

Tonight was the spring concert and Andy wore his cute shirt! It was fun!! He is such a cutie. Tommy was super proud to have him there! He slept through most of the concert, but he is only three months what could you expect. The other two sat with Nana Bonner and the Norris ladies! I had to help Tommy with calling the cues! The concert went great!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Proverbs 31 Woman

I have been really wanted to blog to not only keep my family up to date on the happenings at the Knight house, but also to express all that I am learning about saving and being a good steward in my home! I have been studying the Proverbs 31 woman and realized that I needed to do more to save money and help around the house. I have been reading a couple books and also learning how to coupon! (I would love any great deals anyone sees...feel free to comment and let me know). You see God has the woman in a place of responsibilty for the things in the home including how we spend the money on a day to day basis. So I want to share what I am learning with whoever wants to hear!!!!! I hope that you too will strive to save money, not only because the "economy is really tough" right now, but because it is the RIGHT thing to do! God wants us to be good stewards of what were are given.

Appalachian Springtime

I thought, after I posted the first blog, of what could I share! I realized that I didn't tell about the excitement we are about to experience tomorrow night! Tommy will be directing his second Spring Concert at Old Suwanee. I can't wait to put up the pictures of the set I designed. That sounds very bad, what I mean is that I scribbled out a set design for the theme idea, Appalachian Springtime, Tommy had. Two of the guys at church made it happen! John Lawson our tech guy built flats and a roof for the cabin I had designed. Then, Josh Campbell painted it. The cabin even has wood grain detail in it! The mountains have fog at the bottom. And we even got some antiques to put on the stage! Today was the full rehearsal and we got it done in record time. I am glad that I get to help Tommy with it! I can't wait to see it with everything ready. The kids in their performance wear and the lights glowing.
I can't wait (well actuall I can wait), but it will be fun when Teddy and Danenn get to be part of the school programs!
Will post pictures later!!!!!

Crazy nights!

We are having what we like to call in the Knight house, a crazy night! Teddy and Danenn are running around the house with boxes on their heads and Tommy is trying to get baby Andy to sleep! The noise is crazy! What fun!! I (Megan) love being a mom.
Tonight Teddy said to Tommy, "Daddy, put that thing down, you know abajo" Not sure if that is a good thing or not. Either he is just really smart or he watches too much Diego! LOL!!!!
Well, this is my first Blog...