Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Pictures!

Knowing that we can't have any more children has been a huge blessing for me. It is a peace that our little family is complete, and God had his hand on it. My best friend has been taking pictures of my family for a long time. She started when Teddy was little and Danenn was just walking.

Then she took Andy's announcement pictures.
Then she took our family of five pictures.

A little while later, she took the kids pictures. All three of them!
Then she took our pictures this fall when I was pregnant with Lyla!

Then there were six~ My favorite pictures that Hope has taken have to be these. Knowing that this our family completed. Knowing that no one is missing from the pictures! All the pictures she took are special. All of the other pictures show our growing family, but there is something very special about knowing that we are now making memories and no one is missing. Lyla may not remember all the memories, but we'll have pictures to remind her. I am so grateful for Hope and her camera that has captured some of my favorite pictures of our family ever.