While reading a biography about Amy Charmichael I learned that she had read somewhere that the 
I A N on Christian should stand for "I Am Nobody". The longer I thought on that the more I realized that is right. Jesus is everything and I want to be Nobody. But how do I become Nobody. 
Here is part of my journey of becoming Nobody!

My name is Megan Knight. I am a mom, wife to a associate pastor, homeschool teacher, and so much more! But my most important title is Christian! 

Let me introduce you to my family! The man above is my love! He is the best husband ever, super dad, and I think he is a fantastic pastor! 

Our first born, Thomas Edward Knight II (Teddy) was born on September 29, 2005.  After two miraculous months he was released from the hospital. He loves history, biographies, legos, and anything Star Wars.

I Danenn Ashleigh Knight who was born October 4, 2007.  This crafty little girl loves art and sports, and is everyone's best friend.  

Andrew James Knight (Andy) was born January 23, 2010.  He is a spitfire! Always has a joke and laugh for us.  He is the funnies little man I know. He loves super heroes and legos, and inspires to be just like his big brother and sister! 

On January 15, 2013 Lyla Jayne Alma Knight joined our family! She is full of life and joy! She loves princess, dress up, super heroes like her brothers, and keeping me on my toes!

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