Monday, March 18, 2013

Slobery Kisses

Despite how many times I tell him, Andy is determined to climb over Lyla and kiss her every time I set her in reach.  If I set her down so I can get dressed, change her diaper, change her clothes, pick something up...if she is in reach he is kissing her! It is pretty funny at times, but I do worry about her well being. For example, I have a travel swing that Lyla sits in to join us while I am doing things around the house. I turned to get the chicken tenders out of the oven and when I turned back there was Andy, practically in the swing trying to kiss Lyla. He is so in love with his baby sister he can't keep his hands off her and wants to be right in her face every chance he gets. He wants to be snuggled beside her when we watch a movie, he wants to hold her hands if we are in the store, it never ends.

Although this really isn't the same it made me think of how I relate to God. I should love Him so much that I want to be right next to Him. That I want to hold his hands, and snuggle up to His word. I should want to get those kisses from the Bible that make me know more about Him and make me closer to Him. I should want to be right in God's "face" all the time. I was quite convicted by my little three year old's love for his little sister.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Good morning!

So last night I was too tired to really post much. But I want to tell about our family goings and try to update my blog a little. First our little bundle of joy has really been a joy. Lyla has been a very content little baby. She really has only been fussy a little in the evening, nothing like Andy that cried all afternoon and evening for seven months. She has finally gotten the hang of nursing, which is a blessing. She had to have her tongue clipped and that has made a huge difference in her nursing. She is starting to smile and look around and stay awake much longer. It is fun to get to know each little personality. She loves her brothers and sister. Specially Teddy! He just needs to start talking near her and she smiles and stares at him. She is definitely studying Andy. She keeps him in her vision when she can. He is the most protective of her. He tells people, "She is my baby Lyla." I am very thankful we haven't had any real issues with jealousy. There has been some need for attention to the three older ones, each at different times, but other than that things have gone well.
I am adjusting to life with four children. Not as hard as I anticipated! Actually it has been fun. One of the greatest blessings has been the peace I have with our family. I think I always knew we would have four children. Even though after having Andy I wasn't sure I would ever be able to handle another child. I have an overwhelming feeling that God has blessed us so much and our family is complete for now.
My beautiful blessing! Such a miracle!
I think it is amazing how God gives us the desire to have children, and He also takes that away and replaces it with contentment. Even if we were not sure we were done, He gave the doctor the peace...LOL! I am laughing, but it is very serious in reality. My body could not handle carrying another baby, and have another c-section. So in other words, our quiver is full now! What I find so amazing about that is that every time we go to do something, even a trip to the mall, I fill like we are making memories with our complete family. It makes it really special. We went to a trip to tour the local newspaper a few weekends ago with Teddy for a scouts thing. I wore Lyla in the moby wrap, held Danenn's hand and walked beside Teddy and Tommy who held Andy and felt so overwhelmed with our family. Maybe this doesn't make sense, but it is a really wonderful feeling for me!
Anyway, that is the quick update on our new addition and now that we have internet...more will come!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lyla Jayne Alma Knight

 Lyla Jayne Alma Knight
January 15, 2013
6lbs 4oz and 19inches
Just started smiling!

It is super late. I should be snoring away in bed next to my love, but instead I am up... Probably because I am not used to not nursing right now. Lyla has just started sleeping longer at night. Anyway...I wanted to post a picture of our beautiful little addition...and then I really need to SLEEP! I just got our internet back after a few months of saving money, so maybe I will start posting again. I missed it! Night night for now!