Learning faithfulness --book study!

I am reading through this fantastic book for the second time and thought I would share a little about it. If you haven't read it, it is a wonderful book of some incredible women that remain faithful through their life. Each chapter you follow a different woman through the trials of their life and come to understand a little more how to be faithful in your life. The first chapter is what I want to talk about today. (It's what I re-read today!)

 Sarah Edwards-Faithful in the Mundane
(picture from library of congress)

It was a challenge to read through her chapter for me, because this is one of the things I struggle most in. I am an adventurer. I love to do things differently every day. And household things are "chores" for me, as probably most of us would agree...unless you are blessed with the clean gene!  First, I must confess, I was astonished that she had eleven children that all lived.  If you have done any study on this 1700 you would know that death was a very real reality in those times.  Death was on every persons doorstep.  Jonathan Edwards, her husband, often used this reality to press upon people the importance of knowing you are right with God. 
Not only did Sarah keep track of eleven children, she also had a steady stream of visitors that lived with them.  Some of them were Samual Hopkins (who stayed with them for some time while learning from Jonathan) and George Whitfield (who lived with them for a time while in America for the Great Awakening.)  When I think of managing my home with eleven children and then having extra "children" to care for I feel overwhelmed.  How did she manage to keep all in order.  I have three children and no live in visitors (in fact I have few vistors at all), and at times I feel like chaos surrounds me.  Yet Sarah remained faithful to God and managed to tearech her children how to relay on God in a powerful way.  I won't give all the chapter away...but I will quote the author, "I can see how God worked to lift the burdens for her, and therefore recognize it more clearly when he does it for me."
She had many burdens.  Many responsibilities.  I see from this short chapter how she depended on God and put her trust in Him.  I am challanged to put my burdens on Christ.  To trust Him always, even amidst the "mundane."  God wants this from us.
I feel like I have been rambling.  Trying to share what I learned without spoiling it for those that haven't read the book.  I hope that you are encouraged to read this book...  I'll be sharing more.  If you have read it, please share what you learned from this chapter.  What impacted you most.  If you haven't read it and are planning to, tell me about it!


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