Sleepy head

I have enjoyed my first full week of secretarial duty.  I have been subbing for our church/elementary school secretary this week while she recovers from a surgery.  While I wouldn't normally have said that being a secretary would be my thing, it has been fun.  The best part is that two of the afternoons my little kindergarten independent man got to take his nap under my desk.  The smell of sweat and dirt filled the office and although it isn't my favorite smell it was sweet to know that he is still a small boy! I know that they are growing up so fast.  When I look at all three of my children I wonder what God has in store for their lives. What will they become? And although I am curious, I am relishing these moments. The ones where a small hand reaches for mine because they can't do it on their own.  They are so dependent on me. (Even though they want to be independent!!) What a wonderful and great responsibility I have. Well, back to work! Gonna let my boy sleep a while longer!


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