My God is so BIG

So, today I received a blessing.  I can't wait to share the whole story, but I have to wait until I can give it to a special lady! I know I am being cryptic, but I am going somewhere with this post.  I learned a valuable lesson today.  Not to be amazed at our amazing God.  Isn't it like us "humans" to totally not have faith when we take a step of faith.  We say, okay Lord, I know you can help. So I am going to be faithful.  But then we set up parameters as to how we believe that the Lord is going to help.  Kind of like a mini manual for the God of the Universe to follow.  Then when He does what He had planned all along we stand in shock, jaw slack, and shoes untied! "WHAT!" we exclaim! Almost as if we think we were so great in our small guidelines that what was HE thinking to not follow them. Then we cry, rejoice, and praise God. And then ask for forgiveness at our small faith.  Maybe I am the only one that responds that way.  Maybe not! But again I have learned my lesson. My God is so big! So strong and so mighty! There's NOTHING my God can not do!!! FOR YOU!! (and yes, Megan, that means me, too!)
Well, I will keep you updated on my blessings...stay tuned in for the rest of the story!!! 


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