Today, Teddy is still sick.  And it breaks my heart when any of my children are sick, but I can't believe after six years how I still worry and fret about them.  Yesterday, I told myself that we would wait it out.  I knew it wasn't strep (The doctor told us that on Friday). I knew that it was probably just a virus.  He was so sick and had a high fever for two days.  I finally let worry take over and took him to the ER.  Of course, he did only have a virus.  When will I learn?  I guess that is just part of being a mom.  Worrying over our children.  So, he will be home a few more days.  And even though I tell myself next time I will be more sure of myself and not worry...I know I will still worry.  Guess that's part of being a mom.


  1. Making the doctor/ER call is one of the trickiest to make, especially when you don't have unlimited funds. It always seems like it's better to err on the safe side. There were times I wish I had taken my kiddos in, then there were those "only a virus" times. Even a virus can get bad in a hurry.


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