My craftiness!!

So excited to be able to create a few new things for my house. I won't claim much credit. The inspiration came from pintrest.

Tied a string around a tall glass vase that I never used and sprayed it with the paint. Then I put a tall taper candle in a small holder in the bottom! Looks awesome!

Did the same with this small votive holder.

Had some old jars that I used the spray paint on. I used a heart stencil that I had never used in the 7 years I have owned it. Taped it to the jars and sprayed away!

Then I got a little spray happy and did these shelves...they were black before and stuck on a shelf in the garage because I didn't have a place for them! Now they look great in my bathroom!

This is one of my favorite projects. 1.50 for the picture frame and I used scrap book paper I already had. It's been fun so far! We both have used it!!!

This is a close up of one of the jars...they turned out cute. I didn't have lace and I also found that they paint I used wouldn't have worked with the lace anyway! If you are going to do the lace on jars for candle holder project...use the light frosting spray paint!
Well...there it is!!! And it was fun! I also sprayed an old towel rack for the kids bathroom. It was plain silver before, now it looks like we spent money on it!!! LOL!!!My total expense was about 8 dollars!  Had to buy some candles that would fit in the jars!!!


  1. This looks amazing. Will surely try this for my easter deco.I am ur new follower U are wellcome to visit my blog..Tck and keep blogging.

    1. Hi! Glad you are here! I will check your blog out! Thanks for your comment and I hope to see your projects!


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