Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tee Shirt Smocks!

Today was our first relaxing day of Spring break!! So I wanted to do something very fun with the kids. I decided that I wanted to make some paint smocks for the kids. My first thought was to use some old button down shirts, but I didn't have any that would work. So then I thought about just using a tee shirt...but I wanted it to be different. So I came up with this pattern.

First take some old tee shirts. These are Tommy's old baseball shirts from the church league that he said he does not wear anymore.

Then mark where you want to cut. I wanted them to look like aprons. I cut the sleeves off and around the neck so that they could slip them on. Then I left an area to make the straps to tie and cut the bottom off.

Here is the first cutting.

Make sure you leave enough of the collar to slip over their heads and remain sturdy. I tried to leave some of the seam on the shoulder to add protection and make it more sturdy!

When you cut the straps. Cut up the side of the shirt half of the strap left. Then cut the strap in half horizontally. Then cut up the other half of the strap. This way you have two straps to tie together in the back.

Teddy modeled Andy's for me!!!

See the back ties!!!

Here is Danenn's...Just to show you one more!  Plus I got better as I went!!

She is such a ham!!

In the mean time the kids used the scraps to be Bible characters. They are so funny! Teddy was using the broom for a staff so he could be a shepherd!

The finished smocks...now to personalize them!!!

This is when my CDO (That is like OCD but I like the letters alphabetized). I tried to let them help me use the puff paint that I had from another craft I did with the K5 class. But they had a hard time getting it out and not putting HUGE blobs on the shirts. So I took over and did what they asked! This way we were both happy. There wasn't a huge mess and they got cute pictures on their smocks. I need to learn to let them do more! It is a struggle I have!

I love how they turned out! I can't wait for them to dry so the kids can do their first project with them! Gonna let them paint outside tomorrow! (yes, outside so I don't stress the whole time!!!) These are so cute they can wear them for painting and arts projects AND to help out in the kitchen! Maybe I should make one for me!!! Hope you enjoy making one for yourself!!

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  1. What a fun way to start your Spring Break! Hope you guys have a great week.