Kindergarten is almost over.

Teddy's first days after birth.
I can't believe how fast this year has flown by.  My little boy, the one the doctors said would never make it, will be graduating kindergarten in just a few weeks. He is ever a source of energy, entertainment, and questions!  What started so quickly has ended in a whirl! 
August started with a bang!  The first day of Kindergarten is one I will never forget.  My little boy had all grown up and now was starting school.  Something that for the next 13 years would be a continuous event.  He walked into the classroom with such confidence, and sat at his desk to begin his morning paper as if he had been doing it all his life.  With a slight wave he said good bye, completely distracted by the paper.  I kissed him and walked out.  Tears steaming down my face as I drove away from the school.  The van was so quiet without him.  He seemed to be unfazed by me leaving!  
August flew by.  In September the class celebrated Apple day!  The excitement of making apple sauce and other apple activities!!! Then all to fast September was gone as we prepared for his birthday party.  He turned six on September 29th, with his school friends and Granny and Aunt Kathy!  
October proved to be a fun and busy month.  At the beginning of the month he took a trip to Michigan when Great Grandma went to be with Jesus. He was out of school for four days (and a weekend).  When he got back he found out that his first field trip was October 27.  I think he waited the whole month for it!  How excited he was as he boarded the big yellow bus to go to the Apple farm.  October was chilly but he was excited!  
Then came November.  Seeming all together to fast.  Starting with a missing ginger bread man and ending with a class program for Thanksgiving.
December was spent looking forward to a trip to the beach for Christmas with Nana and Papa. We counted down the days til the end of the year!  Teddy had his first class party.  They made adorable crafts and had a fun lunch of McDonald's happy meals.  Then school was out for break.  Granny, Grandpa, Uncle David, Aunt Alicia, and Aunt Kathy came to celebrate Christmas!  He was so excited to have them there.  Then we met Nana and Papa at Myrtle Beach for Christmas day!  We had a great week walking and playing on the beach, going miniature golfing (Teddy's first time), and playing with cousins!  School came back quickly!
On January 23rd (Andy's birthday) Teddy celebrated with his classmates 100 completed days of school!  I could not believe that we had finished that many already!!  They had a great day.  Andy did too!  
A few weeks later in February Teddy was baptized at the church.  Earlier in the year he had accepted Jesus as his Savior at sparks.  (I need to look up the date in his Bible later!!)  Then a week later Valentines day was celebrated in the class.  They had a yummy meal of spaghetti and meatballs.  
 February turned into March and along came the Spring Party.  They got to fly kites and make pots with grass hair!  Then came Spring break along with Mrs. Sutton's baby girl!  The kids were so excited that finally the baby had arrived.  He also got to spend a fun week with the family ending with going to the Coke Museum with mommy's friends, and Nana and Papa spending a night with us!  After break they came back to a new teacher!  This month has flown by.  Granny has come twice to stay with them!  One time he got to stay home to play with her.  He was so thrilled about that!
The end of April will soon turn into May.  The month of teacher appreciation, a baby shower (that had to be moved due to the early arrival of Alayna!), and finally on the 18th they will say good bye to Kindergarten with graduation.  
I am excited for my baby boy, and sad at the same time!  Does that even make sense...probably not!  He is growing up too fast.  
Oh, the places he will go in the next 13 years and beyond.  

I love you, Thomas Edward Knight II.  My little Teddy!!  I am so proud to be your mommy!!


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