Learning to Pray Series: "Which Art in Heaven"

The more I learn about prayer the more I realize we so often think that prayer is for us, but it is not.  Prayer is about God.  It is for God.  It is to glorify God.  And after all that is why we are here.  We were put here on earth to point others to God, to glorify Him.  

The second phrase in the Lord's prayer is "Which art in Heaven."
God is in Heaven.  He is sitting on the throne.  He is ruler over all.  He knows what is happening.  He knows what is going to happen.  He has everything under control.
I remember a message by Pastor Steve Robertson when I was in college very clearly.  It has always been one that I think about when I think about God on His throne.  It was taken out of Habakkuk 2:20
"But the LORD is in His holy temple: let all the earth keep silence before Him."

Pastor Robertson said we often like to think about our problems, but we need to remember God is on the throne.  He has everything taken care of.  He knows what is going on.  He knows our problems.  He understands them.  So "Shhhh, God is on His throne."  

Psalm 93:2 says, "Thy throne is established of old: thou are from everlasting."  
Matthew 26:64 says, "...Thou hast said: nevertheless I say unto you, Hereafter shell ye see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of Heaven."

God is on His throne.  When we come before Him with our prayer requests, He already knows what is going to happen.  We do not need to complain to Him.  To worry about what we are asking.  We have no need to give it to God and take it back.

Why is it so hard for us to remember that God is not asleep.  That He is not busy.  I think sometimes that is how we act.  We come to God to pray over something and then we worry, or don't fully give it over to God.  I think of this when I think of my grandma that passed away.  I want to scream, "WHY!?  I needed her!"  But then I remember that God is on the throne.  He knows what is best.  He can comfort those that morn.  He can use her death to glorify Him.  I also realize that God knows what is best for me.  What is best for those whose lives were touched by her.  God wants us to look to Him and glorify Him with everything that happens in our lives.  And as hard as that is to understand, understanding that God is in control, He is on the throne, is the easiest way I have found to trust Him.  

I read some verses today while doing my Bible study that helped me.  When I think of God on His throne, I need to understand the character of God.  Know that He is a powerful and mighty ruler, but that He loves and cares for us.  What better way to illustrate that then sending His son to die a horrible death on a cross for us.  But this verse in my devotions helped also.

Psalm 147:3-7 "He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.  He telleth the number of the stars; He calleth them all by their names.  Great is our Lord, and of great power: is understanding is infinite."
It is amazing that after reading those verses I would be tempted to try to do anything on my own, when I can go to the Lord for His help.  He certainly is a wonderful God.
Now about prayer being about God.  How do I glorify God when I pray.  By acknowledging who God is, and where He is.  He is on the throne of my life.  Or at least I want Him to be.  I must daily put Him there.  I must worship Him when praying.  Not just think of prayer as when I am in trouble, or that God is a gene in a bottle to grant my wishes.  Although God wants us to come to Him when we are in trouble, it should not be the only time we visit His throne.  Nor should we only come to Him with our selfish requests. Coming "boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need." (Heb 4:16) should not be the only time we come!  But I am glad that God in Heaven, sitting on His throne, desires us to come boldly to Him.  

So, next time you pray.  Thank God for sitting on the throne.  For being in control.  And glorify Him with your prayers.


  1. Thanks for the beautiful reminder about prayer! I all too often forget that prayer is really about God and acknowledging his power and goodness. I am much too quick to make it about me and my problems. Thanks for posting!


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