Thoughts on being a mom today!

Being a Mom is one of those things you can not describe to someone that does not have kids. Well, you can but even though they think they understand they don't. Before kids I remember thinking thoughts like "I will never do that when I am a mom." or "if they would do...that would be how I would do it." or "My kids will never behave like that" All to which I hereby confess I have eaten my words. Let me share just a little of what being a mom is like.

Today I was told "I love you" by a sticky handed little toddler. Told I was a Queen and beautiful by a little girl. And told that I was a very good teacher by my oldest. Being a mom can be the best pick me up ever. It can make you feel beautiful even when you haven't been able to shower or you have something (who knows what) dripped down the front of your tee shirt. Being a mom can encourage you to keep building talents you never knew you had. It can keep you sane at the same time it drives you insane. It can make you laugh when you should be when your toddler has eaten a blue crayon but they give you a winning "blue" smile.

Being a mom does have it moments. The kind that only other mothers understand. Like when you have to discipline your son for the fifth time in the morning for pretty much the same thing, and you feel like you are doing it all wrong. The Devil can discourage you to thinking that you missed something or messed up. You feel like they will never understand the new concept you are teaching. Like, how to make the bed, or to wash their hands after they use the bathroom, or flush, or even just using the potty. You feel that it will never end, at times. And, of course, you feel worn out and tired. And that is okay. The Lord understands. Even he rested. It is encouraging to find out that other mothers feel at times the same way. Sometimes I think that other moms feel the need to hide their frustrations, but I know the truth!! LOL!!

Now if you are not a mom you may read this and think. Man, I never want to be a mom. I have been discouraged by this post. You'll change your mind. You see, even though there are moments that are hard and discouraging, it is worth it. It is worth it when you have the small victories. Victories like potty training gets accomplished. Your child does something he was told the first time without complaint. They clean their room without help. or do something kind without prompting. My favorite victories are like the first time they pray without help. The first verse they memorize and are so excited to say back to you. Their excitement over learning a Bible story. Or when your small child sees their sin for what it is and asks Jesus to be their Savior.

Yes, being a mom is tough stuff. It is only for the strong at heart. Because being a mom will break your heart over and over. But it is also the balm that can sooth it. So I encourage you other mothers today. Keep praying when it is hard and keep praying and praising when it is good. God gives us strength for the tasks at hand, and we can do it.


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