A Goal!

Okay, so I am a bad blogger...but I want to be better. One of my new years goals! So even if it is just a quick blurb you MAY hear from me more often!!! What would be a better start than to share my new years goals with everyone!
1. Read through my Bible in a year without forgetting one single day. If you want to join me you can join my facebook page "Read through my Bible in a year" for a daily reading schedule and other encouragments.
2. Share Jesus more. Specially with my chidren!
3. Be a better encouragement to my friends.
4. Exercise more (already started...my muscles hurt! LOL!)
5. Eat better!!
6. Be better at blogging!

So that is it for now! What are your new years goals. What do you want to do this year for the Lord? Let me know...


  1. Hey Megan...
    My goals are very home related. I want to spend more one on one time with each child (that's so hard to do sometimes even when you're a stay-at-home Mom). I would like to be better about writing letters/notes. Once I had my first, that totally didn't happen anymore, and I'm feeling guilt pangs!

    I was able to institute a lot more regularity with my devotions and prayers last year, and I think another good goal would be just to maintain it. That can be a huge challenge.

    Praying for you and your lovely family!

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