"Mommy, there's a chicken pox on my arm!"

"Mommy, I am thristy and hungry" My little four year old is trying very hard to not have to go to bed tonight!  Not surprising, no little child really desires to go to bed on a normal night.  Only this night she tried a new tactic.  She came out very concerned and said, "Mommy, I have a chicken pox on my arm." Of course, I investigaged only to find a small scab that was so healed that it was falling off.  It took some convincing, but she finally believed me that it was not a chicken pox!! Then she climbed onto my lap and asked if I would just snuggle her. After some tears (the heart wrenching ones that make you feel like you have done something terrible) we got her into her bed...she feel asleep pretty quick. 
While thinking about this, it made me laugh a little and think of the fact I am sometimes like that with the Lord.  Sleep is needful and healthy for my little girl.  I know if she doesn't get the sleep she needs she can get sick or at the least be grumpy.  God, in the same way, knows what we need. Sometimes we come up with all kind of excuses as to why we should not, or can not do it.  But, when we finally surrender to what He has, we find rest.  I am always learning from my kids, almost as much as they are learning from me...I hope!  I am praying that I will take this to heart and remember the next time I feel the Lord pricking my heart to do something, I won't ask for a drink of water, or complain about some small ailment.  I know the Lord has my best interest at heart and I know He will take care of me if I do His will!.


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