Lessons from the classroom on January 20, 2012

Today I taught high school science. No I am not studied in science, nor did I really teach...  That's the great part about being a sub.  No lesson plans! No studying!  Just the ability to keep kids on track to accomplish the work set before them.  I learned a few things from these bright kids. 
My first lesson, which is the same every time I venture back into the classroom, is that they are just kids.  Often time I think why can't they....  or why won't they.... but then I remember they are only kids, and that is why we are here.  To not only teach them academics, but also character and life skills.  These students don't act out because they are special (although some of them are..).  They act out because they are kids.  Because despite the fact many of them are housed in adult bodies, they are still immature and need guidance.  So, when I am working with Teddy tonight I am going to remember he is a kid.  I need to have great expectations for him, but realize that he may not meet everyone the first time.
My second lesson was that boys can not be trusted around girls.  I am laughing as I write this, because even though nothing was done that was inappropriate, I still saw this thread.  You see even though they are not working together (the labs today were divided into boy groups and the two girls in the class worked together) they still were flirting.  Although when called out..."what, we aren't doing anything!" was their response.  Girls will flirt with guys, and guys will flirt with girls.  Danenn is to have no boyfriends.......  Okay, so I will be reasonable here.  I am working on being reasonable.  But after today....we will see!!
My third lesson is compassion.  It's a lesson I have been praying a lot about.  Sometimes we need to lay down the law.  We need to correct problems.  And sometimes we need compassion.  We need to see the whole picture.  Sometimes we adults get so involved in our worlds that we fail to look into their world.  Seriously asking what would Jesus do in the situation is a very wise thought.  There were a couple comments today about things that are happening in students lives that made me realize we know so little.  Oh, they weren't talking to me most of the time.  Just whispering during quiet talk time or chatting when they had all finished their work and I gave them permission.  Hearing them made me realize that these students have heart aches and troubles, too.  Showing them compassion is one way to reach them.  Compassion is not only for school.  It is also for our homes, our husbands, children, and friends.  We are so quick to judge and so slow to show compassion.  I wonder how our churches would change for the better if our back biting gossip would turn to compassion for one another. 
My prayer today is that I can better understand that kids will be kids, that boys can't be trusted around girls and especially how to better show compassion in everything I do.  Including when I discipline my children.  Showing them that I care about them and want only what is best!  Seeing more than my world and my desires.  Showing compassion to everyone that I meet.  Because Jesus died for them.  (And sometimes that is the only reason we can come up with!)  Remember we all sin.  We all fall short.  And that is why Jesus came to earth.  To die on the cross and cover our sins with his blood. 

I challenge you today to show someone some compassion!


  1. So true! We don't want to have no goals for our children, but sometimes as parents, we forget that being responsible and mature is a learning process. They, like us, are works in progress!


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