Becoming Nobody

Nobody: (noun) A person of no importance or authority.

The word nobody often is used by people that are depressed or have a low view of themselves. I am neither. But I want to be a nobody. I want to disappear. Sounds strange I know, but bare with me.
I started thinking about this a few weeks ago while reading a biography of Amy Charmichael. Somewhere she had read that the I A N in Christian should stand for I Am Nobody and so she called herself nobody to write in a paper her family made for each other. Nobody. She desired to put herself completely out of the picture so that Christ could be the center! WOW!

During this time I was studying to lead a breakout session about Rejoicing in God's word. The more I studied the more I realized I struggled with wanting to be known. With wanting to be somebody. The more I studied the more I realized I want desperately to be a nobody. I want to be so transparent that people only see Jesus and His grace.

Philippians 1:21 "For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain."

I am Nobody!

So, here I am. Becoming nobody. It's a process. I am not there. But I want you to come, too.

The mark of a Christian, I believe is if they are making disciples. That's what we are after all disciple-makers. I want to make disciples. I want to see you make disciples. But how can we be successful disciple-makers. I believe first, we have to become nobody. We have to love Jesus and teach others to love Jesus so much that we become nothing. We are not important. Only He is! We have no authority. Only He does.

Journey with me.

Becoming Nobody


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