sping concert sucess!

Well, it's finally over. For this year. The spring concert went off with great sucess. The choirs and bands did a beautiful job. I especially enjoyed a song that Tommy had the high school choir sing, "Beneath the Cross." The words were really powerful! Brought tears to my eyes! The bands have grown so much over the last seven years. I can't believe the difference. I need to get out the old video from our very first concert at the school just to remind myself. The elementary choir gave the audiance a laugh with their song "I bought me a cat" in fact one little child in the seats every time the choir said "my cat says fidlidee" would say, "no meow." Everyone laughed when the choir said, "I bought me a wife."
Pastor Campbell gave a wonderful closing devotions. It gave me a renewed zeel about sharing Christ and the Bible with my young children. He said that one way to be sure that they turn out well is to have them in God's word in the morning and in the evening.
I can't believe how AWSOME the set looked as you see in my previous posts.
(By the way...so new at blogging that I didn't know I could put the pictures in one post! Oops!)


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