Appalachian Springtime

I thought, after I posted the first blog, of what could I share! I realized that I didn't tell about the excitement we are about to experience tomorrow night! Tommy will be directing his second Spring Concert at Old Suwanee. I can't wait to put up the pictures of the set I designed. That sounds very bad, what I mean is that I scribbled out a set design for the theme idea, Appalachian Springtime, Tommy had. Two of the guys at church made it happen! John Lawson our tech guy built flats and a roof for the cabin I had designed. Then, Josh Campbell painted it. The cabin even has wood grain detail in it! The mountains have fog at the bottom. And we even got some antiques to put on the stage! Today was the full rehearsal and we got it done in record time. I am glad that I get to help Tommy with it! I can't wait to see it with everything ready. The kids in their performance wear and the lights glowing.
I can't wait (well actuall I can wait), but it will be fun when Teddy and Danenn get to be part of the school programs!
Will post pictures later!!!!!


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