The Romans Road

Tommy and I have been working on teaching the kids the Romans road. It has been fun to see Teddy memorize the scriptures. Of course he is a wiz and sometimes I still have to look at the verses to remember all the words. Yesterday we had an appointment at the Health Department and as we sat in the half full waiting room Teddy started to recite Psalm 23 which we had learned before. Several people stopped to listen. I was pretty impressed!! Then he wanted to say his new verses! It was fun to hear him say 1 John 5:13, Romans 3:10 and 12 and then Romans 3:23. Of couse that is where we ended so then I asked him, "If we are all sinners than how can we go to Heaven." Teddy said that, "We have to ask Jesus to come into our hearts!" :) How exciting to know that he is beginning to understand. It was also so neat that he was able to be a witness at such a young age to the several people that sat around us watching and listening.


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