Learning the art of coupons

So as I began this journey of couponing I thought it would be an easy journey! It has not been easy and it was very time consuming at the beginning! I am glad however to report that it is much easier now! A few things I have learned that may help someone else...
1. Find a system that works for you...I don't care for the cutting everything out and filing it away system, that is what I tried at first. The problem was that I was spending hours upon hours cutting and clipping for a fourty five minute shopping trip. Fortunatly I found www.southernsavers.com and it has helped me. By filing the coupon booklets (red plum, smart source, and p&g) by Sunday paper date I only need to pull out the book I need and clip the coupon I want...southernsavers does a lot of the leg work for me!! Now for filing for the store I bought a simple coupon filing system ($2 at Ingles) It is an expandable file folder miny size! Labled with the stores I shop and in the back items that I have clipped in the past or find in the blinkies at stores! Saves tons of time in the store!
2. Don't think you will get it the first time!! LOL!! I am laughing because the first time I went to the store looking for the "GREAT DEAL" they were all out. They were out the second, third and even fourth time! Good thing stores do rain checks on sale items!
3. Pull and peel! Pull two of all the coupons you see! You will never know when they will be a great deal!
And last 4. Don't give up! If you can find a system that works for you and keep at it for at least a month you will see it get easier and easier! Keep trying....you can do it!
So there, that's what I have learned to date! I am still plugging away at learning to save my family money. Proverbs 14:1a "Every wise woman buildeth her house"


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