Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Realizing Who is REALLY In Control.

I thought I would get up at a earlier time today. I would get up, and get the house back into order. I had a busy couple days and let some things go. Like the dishes. I had kept the dishwasher going, but those pots that you have to do by hand are sitting waiting patiently by the sink. And at 12:04 today they are still there. So is the pile of movies that I planned to organize. But I have three older kids playing with bubbles and giggling in the back yard. (For the first time all day they are not fighting.) And I finally was able to finish my coffee, so as for today, it is still going.
I am coming to realize that, much as I don't always like it, my day may not always go as planned. It may not be what I hoped it was going to be. Some days, like today, I will spend most of the morning playing referee
and keeping the littlest Knight happy. And other days, like, well I can't think of the last time, but some days will go smoothly. Either way, I can depend on God to be there when I feel overwhelmed with life. The little things that seem to knock the wind out of my small sails, may just be God's way of reminding me I am not in control. He is. I am so glad that He forgives me when I "loose it." And that he still loves me when I take the reigns away and try to navigate on my own. (I don't know about you, but I am forever crashing!) So, as soon as I get off here I am going to get those dishes finished and I may even have time during nap time to get the movies sorted. Then there's all the other things on my long list of "things to accomplish."
I hope that as you travel here on this earth you will be forever reminded that God is in control. That He has a plan to bless you, if you put your life in His hands.

On a side note: when looking for the picture at the top I realized that my kitchen is really NOT that messy. WOW, what people post on the internet without embarrassment.

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