Saturday, July 20, 2013

Andy was Here!

So, the other day I decided it was time to get out the magic eraser, Mr. Clean, and some elbow grease to clean my windows, baseboards, and walls in the eat in kitchen area. I put all the chairs in the living room and pulled the table to one side. First, I mopped and dried the floor, because even though it was done the other day, I didn't want to kneel on it until I knew it was really clean. I have four kids after all. As I was getting the stuff ready to clean I glanced at the window sill behind where Andy's seat is. To my annoyance there was Andrew's colorful drawings on the sill. Of course, I knew with the magic eraser and then a once over with Mr. Clean it would be gone, but it was the idea. Even though we chant at the table before crayons are passed out, "We color on paper, not on tables, walls, or chairs!" my laws were not obeyed. Why is a simple rule like, no art on the window sill, so difficult to understand. I knew I should have made him clean it, I had done that before, but it was so much faster to just do it myself. Besides, I was going to clean it anyway.

Isn't that so much like us. God has a place for us. A design He works on in our life, and we come along with our own box of crayons and try to help out.  Of course it doesn't work out. It is normally a huge blemish along the way. God comes along beside us, once we realize what has happened, and blots out the spot and begins work again. I can think of numerous times this week my crayons were busy making a mess of things, and thankful each time I prayed to ask God to forgive me He got out His "magic eraser" and blotted out the spots. I can so relate to Paul in Romans 7:15,
"For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I."
 I mean seriously, most of the time I realize before I do it that I shouldn't.  I don't always obey God's laws.  My guess is Andrew's drawings were covert. He probably watched until my back was turned to commence drawing. Knowing full well it was wrong. Other times we think that our helping is wonderful. A real work of art that even da Vinci would be proud. But then we look back and realize it is more like Harold with his purple crayon and even Harold does a better job. After all, "all our works are as filthy rags." Even the good things I try to do without God, end up being horrible blemishes. I am so thankful that God is a master. That His design for us is better than da Vinci could even dream up. I am thankful that when I realize my mistakes, God is quick to forgive and cast it into the sea. He even puts up a sign that says, "no fishing." (I stole that from a book I read called, Beautiful in God's Eyes.

Needless to say, I will be a little more observant the next art time we have here with the kids. And next time I see little drawings on the walls, tables, or chairs (or floors, windows, or refrigerators ..cause I have found the there, too!) I will be reminded that God is always willing to blot out my "art work," and He continues to love me despite my little box of crayons.

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