Slobery Kisses

Despite how many times I tell him, Andy is determined to climb over Lyla and kiss her every time I set her in reach.  If I set her down so I can get dressed, change her diaper, change her clothes, pick something up...if she is in reach he is kissing her! It is pretty funny at times, but I do worry about her well being. For example, I have a travel swing that Lyla sits in to join us while I am doing things around the house. I turned to get the chicken tenders out of the oven and when I turned back there was Andy, practically in the swing trying to kiss Lyla. He is so in love with his baby sister he can't keep his hands off her and wants to be right in her face every chance he gets. He wants to be snuggled beside her when we watch a movie, he wants to hold her hands if we are in the store, it never ends.

Although this really isn't the same it made me think of how I relate to God. I should love Him so much that I want to be right next to Him. That I want to hold his hands, and snuggle up to His word. I should want to get those kisses from the Bible that make me know more about Him and make me closer to Him. I should want to be right in God's "face" all the time. I was quite convicted by my little three year old's love for his little sister.


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