Near Disaster

Tonight I was suddenly thankful for my family and my home! Teddy set the trash in my master bathroom on fire (and tried to sneak out of the bathroom). Thankfully I saw the smoke and got the kids out of the house. I filled a bucket of water threw it and ran while calling 911. I wasn't sure if I got it all out and I thought of all the pictures and things and clothes that I have in the house that would be greatly missed if I were to loose it all. However, I realized while thinking that the things I would really miss the most were standing with no socks on the cold driveway waiting for the fire truck.
I was grateful for our neighbors who kindly took the kids while I surveyed the damage. They gave us some dinner. They were just truly what the Bible says is a good neighbor. I was grateful for cell phones (although Tommy couldn't hear his above the pep band for a while). I am thankful for the kind fireman and woman that came and made sure everything was safe and helped get the smoke out of the house.
I am thankful that the Lord had it in His plan to keep my children and home safe and relatively safe from damage.


  1. It's always amazing how precious even little things become when we're faced with the possibility of their removal!


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