Finding my ways!

I am learning the secrets to really saving money. This week was my best trip! I was so excited to put away my 150.00 of groceries and thought of the 100.00 that I would have spent if I hadn't learned the art of couponing!! Can you believe that! 100.00!!! If I hadn't used coupons we would have much less in our fridge and pantry! But now I have 10 boxes of pasta! Boxes and boxes of food and tons of stuff in the freezer!! I am so blessed. God definitely used Stephanie Mcabe to teach others to use their money in wiser ways!
My newest learn is that I can't be getting coupons on the way out the door. I have to get them ready the day before. That way I am not rushing to get them in order. I tend to forget them or say nevermind when I am rushed! I also felt much more in control while at the store when I had them ready the night before! I am so glad to have sites like to help with the match ups! That definitely saves me a lot of time.
If you are trying to get into couponing. Check out that site! Figure out if there is local web site that does grocery store match-ups and keep at it!! I am loving it!!!! Of course sense only my family and a few friends are reading this. I just felt inspired to write down my learning process. Maybe someone will stumble along my blog and this will help them!!!


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