Honestly, I struggle reading through the book of Numbers. My devotional plan takes one book and goes all the way through it a few chapters a day, and just recently I came to the book of Numbers. It doesn't help that I am not a fan of math. I mean, I am so very thankful for the calculator on my phone! The book of Numbers is a lot of math. And a lot of repetition. Also, another thing I am not hugely fond of.  So I started praying and asking the Lord to help me learn something about Him while reading it. And of course, as the Lord always does, He answered my prayer.

I began to find it interesting how meticulous Moses was in the record keeping. Right down to the very smallest of numbers. I realized God was interested in each one. If not, why would He have had Moses write them down. It showed me that God is interested in even the smallest number. He desires our best for service, for giving, for EVERYTHING and it does not matter what the number is exactly as long as it is our best number. It can be the amount we give in an offering, the amount of time we give to serving Him, even the amount of times we think about Him during the day. As long as it is our best amount or number God is pleased with it.  In the book of Numbers Moses lists what a person should bring for different offerings to God and in each one God had him write that if a person couldn't bring this one, then they could bring this. God allows for the poor to bring them their best and doesn't demand they bring the same as those that are more well off. Not just in money.

I am so thankful that God loves even the smallest gift we bring Him as long as it is the best one we have. I am so thankful he doesn't demand more than we can give Him. And I am also thankful that He listens when I pray and shows me how amazing He is.


  1. Love your site Megan! Great post on Numbers too! I'm always amazed at what God can teach us when we're open to learning. Thanks for your transparency! God bless~


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