Okay, so my last post was a month ago and I am just now returning to blogging.  I thought after three pregnancies I would know how to do this thing...WRONG!  I am definitely learning again how to take care of kids while being a very sick and tired pregnant woman.  I am more and more grateful for the husband that God has blessed me with.  After working all day long he comes home to a messy house, three crazy children, and a very sick and emotional wife.  He has helped clean, cook, and mostly takes over the kids when he gets home. 
I keep telling myself that I need to just "get up and get going" and then I throw up and return to the couch!! 
I am ten weeks pregnant, so with much prayer in only a few weeks I will be back to myself!  I miss blogging, but this takes a lot of thought and energy, both of which I am not very good at right now!!!

Thanks for reading my blog and know that I really really love blogging and can't wait for when I feel better!!!!!


  1. Congratulations on the baby! That's so exciting!!! The sickness is not so exciting...

    Praying you recover quickly!


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