So I am constantly learning as a parent. What parent isn't? I am learning to be consistent, how to deal with girls verses boys, how to teach my children in a child friendly way, and much more. I am now learning how to deal with sibling fighting! They are so mean to each other. It's amazing that Danenn can get Teddy sooooo upset. And Teddy is so mean sometimes. They are learning to share, to treat each other respect, and so much more and yet... well, lets just say they both can be big bullies!! A while ago I resorted in having them hold hands in "time-out" on the couch. (I then thought...Oh, no I am becoming my mom! I think that's funny! PS I love my mom!!!!) But back to the kids... How do you get them to love each other? I struggle so much because I really desire to have my children be friends. I see some of my friends and what great relationships they have with their sister or brother and I really want that for my children. I am praying that the Lord will help me teach them to love each other. I know that only by His power will this be accomplished! What an amazing task parenting is. I don't know how any one can really do it without God's power!


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